Why We Aren't Using Roses on Valentine's

1st February 2024

This Valentine's Day, we've decided to break tradition and skip roses altogether to help reduce our carbon footprint. This is due to the fact that roses probably traveled or will travel all the way from South America. Portugal's rose production is minimal during this time, with 95-98% of the flowers imported. Winter weather hampers local growth, making the majority of roses available for the occasion sourced from other markets, mainly in South America. (Source: Rádio Renascença).

Despite roses being the top choice, there are other fantastic locally-grown and seasonal options gaining popularity, which we are using for Valentine’s this year like ranunculus, tulips and snapdragons. So, consider adding a touch of variety to your Valentine's bouquet.We also partnered up with Oh! Brigadeiro this year to bring you delicious waste friendly (and guilt free) chocolates.