Our story...

Blumen started in 2021 thanks to us, Johanna and Xica (queens!) We landed in Cascais from Berlin and London (yay sun), but let's face it, we were missing the cool flower arrangements we had back in Germany and the UK. So, we decided to start a flower delivery thing. Tested it out with friends in Johanna's garage, did some market snooping, and b(l)oom, it took off.

We started with subscriptions, but eventually, we ditched that. Now, we're all about making Blumen a place for kick-ass flower designs that are easy on the planet. None of that floral foam nonsense – it's bad for the environment, and frankly, it's just gross.

Our story
Our mission

Johanna did the lawyer thing in Germany for ages, and Xica had been diving deep into communications and international affairs blah blah. Now, we're stoked to get our creative groove on.

We've had some cool collaborations too. Worked with the awesome Barcelona-based floral studio Sauvage and had a blast doing weddings abroad with the pros at Tattie Rose Studio. It's been a ride, and we're loving every petal of it.