Our Commitment to Sustainable Floral Creativity

24th February 2024

From the very beginning, sustainability has been at the core of everything we do. Inspired by the innovative practices of the Tattie Rose Studio team in England, we've integrated sustainable floral mechanics into every aspect of our arrangements.

Traditional floral foam, still widely used in the floral industry, poses significant environmental concerns due to its plastic composition. While it may not resemble typical plastic packaging, it is a single use, non-biodegrable, and non-recyclable plastic, which generates microplastics that are toxic. One bloc alone contains as much plastic as 10 carrier bags, contributing to pollution and environmental degradation. In a wedding alone, you can use dozens to hundreds of blocs.

Blumen has chosen a different path. We've embraced alternative techniques that eliminate the need for floral foam, ensuring that our creations are not only beautiful but also eco-conscious. We use frogs for small bowl arrangements, chicken wire in larger arrangements, and other DIY techniques. We also seek to use seasonal and local flowers whenever possible.

Flowers are incredible gifts of nature, that have the power to recreate spaces, and stir our emotions. That's why it's up to us to protect nature for the future, so everyone can continue to enjoy these beautiful blooms.

By making sustainability a priority in our work, we're not just honouring nature – we're also helping raise awareness among our clients and partners.

Alongside other like-minded partenrs, we hope to inspire others to think about the impact of their everyday choices and make greener decisions. Together, let's create a world where every choice reflects our love for the planet and our commitment to its well-being.